10 Bizzare Things You Can Gift Your Enemies Through Internet

We all send gifts to many of our loved ones, most of the time we check out the gifts such as Chocolates, Frames, Clothes etc on Amazon and sent it to our Loved ones. But what about those, to whom you would like to send something different. 

Here, I am talking about your enemies, to whom you won’t like to send chocolates or jewelry. I was personally looking for some kinda these websites for someone, and then I dug up the internet and finally found something devilish. Now I would love to share with you guys.

Let’s Start with my own Favourite


You can predict the whole gifting idea with the name of the website itself, yes my friend you are absolutely right. You can send poops of different animals to anyone, anywhere in USA and that too anonymously.

visit Poopsenders

2. Middle Finger

No, they don’t send anyone’s middle finger, but they send the picture of middle fingers to your enemies and that too anonymously. You can choose from the fingers of a child women or men.

Visit BirdbyMail

3. Butthurt Cream

The enemies whose butts are getting burnt due to your appraisal would need this.

visit RuinDays

4. Potato Parcel

You can send anyone this potato with a personalized message on it.

visit Potato Parcel

5. Nothing

You can also send nothing by sending boxes inside boxes. It is quite irritating to find nothing in the boxes.

Visit Website

6. Loads of Fake Money

You can make your enemies fools by sending fake money to them. You can send those through this website.

7. Prank Candles

These candles seem to be quite pleasant and the flavor of smell written on their boxes are also pleasant, but this is not what they get they burn the candles.

8. Loads of Glitters

This would make your enemy covered up in loads of glitters and that will take a load of time to remove those glitters from their body. Visit here here.

9. A Brick

Just like personalized potatoes, you can also send personalized message bricks to anyone. Visit here

10. Liquid Ass

Liquid ASS is a highly–concentrated, butt–crack smell with hints of green poo, fart, and dead animal. Gifting at its high. Visit here

This is it folks. If you have better ideas, then please let me know too because I need more ideas too.

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Written by Hitesh Mahawari

An Influencer

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