10 Cutest Cats Breeds, Which Will Definitely Melt Your Heart

Cats are known for their cuteness and laziness. If you also have a cat, then you would be much familiar with these features of cats. Cats are the weakness of most of us, even of mine. 

I love to talk to and play with my cat for hours, but she is too moody. She does not respond when she isn’t in the mood. Cats are too moody and way cuter, hence I decided to look out for the cutest cats breeds. It was quite difficult to choose 10 cutest cats breeds, but I did it….yay

Let’s start the list of 10 Cutest Cats Breeds

1. Siberian

These cats are so beautiful. They have long, shiny, fluffy coats. They look super cuddly like they might sing for hours if you brushed them.

2. British Longhair

This is the cat you might have seen in the ads as well in the posts on Facebook. These cats have long hairs which they like to keep clean.

3. Foldex 

Foldex cats are the medium-sized cat with short legs, rounded face, folded ears. The eyes of these cats are round their ears are small with smooth-edged tips.

4. Munchkin

These cats are also known as Sausage cats. They have very short legs which are due to the genetic mutation, but these features of this cat place it on the list of 10 cutest cats breed. This cat is cute playful, human loving and intelligent.

5. Napolean Cat

The Napoleon inherited short legs from the Munchkin, which, in that breed, were caused by a naturally occurring genetic mutation.  Even though the legs of these cats are short, but these short legs don’t bother them in their play.

6. Rangdoll

The Ragdoll is one of the biggest trained cat breeds, with a strong body, large span, and proportionate legs.

7. Persian 

Persian cats are originated from Persia, because of which they are known as Persian. These cats are one of the cutest and adorable breeds of Cats. Their furs are way silkier and beautiful than many cats.

8. Himalayan

These cats are kind-tempered, smart, and generally very friendly and good friends, but they can be very moody at times. They are more active than Persians.

9. British Longhair

This breed of cats is also among the cutest breeds, but they are more prone to diseases related to kidneys.

10. Chartreux

You might have seen this cat in many of the memes around the internet, so you would be much aware of her face. This cat is one of the rarest and cutest cats breeds of all time. They are originated from France.

If you also have some list of cats which you think has to be placed in this list, then comment down the name.

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Written by Hitesh Mahawari

An Influencer

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